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Organizational Structure of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic 


According to the Law on National bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, banks and banking activity, the mission of the Kyrgyz National Bank is to achieve and maintain price stability by pursuing the appropriate monetary policy. The Banks mission determines its primary tasks and functions. Functions and responsibilities are distributed between the structural divisions of the National Bank, representing its organizational structure. 

The organizational structure of the National Bank is built on two main principles: 

- the principle of the functional structure validity; 

- the principle of continuous development and improvement. 

The principle of validity means that all the separate structural divisions and units should bear a functional load directly linked to any particular function of the National Bank and contribute to the achievement of its goals. 

The principle of continuous development and improvement suggests that the current structure of the National Bank is not static; it changes and will change subject to alteration of its primary tasks and development priorities, as well as economic transformations and reforms being implemented in the country. 

Based on the current conditions and requirements of the economy, the following organizational structure has been accepted in the National Bank: 

Economic Department

Monetary Operations Department

Financial Statistics and Review Department

External Oversight Department

Inspection Department

Supervision Methodology and Licensing Department

Cash Management Department

Payment Systems Department

Accounting and Reporting Department

Bank Settlements Department

The National Bank has departments, activities of which are directly aimed at maintaining the smooth and more efficient operation of the National Bank as an economic entity in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. These structural units include: 

Legal Department

Security and Information Security Department

Administration and Logistics Department

Banking Automation Department

Internal Audit Service

Finance and Monitoring Department

Personnel Division

Risk Control Division

Public Relations Department

International Cooperation Department

State Language Development and Documentation Management Department

Construction and Repair Department

Procurement Group

Educational Recreation Centre (recreation centre "Tolkun")

Regional departments and representation office of the National Bank