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Refined gold bar (2 gram weight) 


On the front side of bar there are signs: 

- "The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic" in English 

- Tunduk Image (core of yurta) 

- Bar weight in grams (2g) 

- Name of metal in English (Fine Gold) 

- Fineness of bar metal (999.9) 

- The trademark of the manufacturer 

- Bar number 

The bars issued with secure packaging, which also used as a certificate. Bar number must match the certificate number. The safety of the packagethe certificate guarantees the authenticity of the bar and provide immediate payment to the customer at its buyback. If the bar or package - the certificate are damaged or - the certificate is missing, the bar will be under expertise by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. Duration of the expertise is not more than 10 banking days. The fee for the expertise is 7% of the bar buy back payment. 

It is NOT recommended to open the package with the bar! 


Technical specifications of the gold bar: 


Weight, g 

Width, mm 

Length, mm 



Issue limit, pcs 



Fine Gold 


1 000