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Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic 


Article 225. Counterfeit of money and securities 


1. Production for the purpose of sale or storage to sale, as well as sale of counterfeit banknotes, metal coins, securities or foreign currency or securities in foreign currency shall be punished: 

with a fine of VI category: 

- for minors - from 800 to 1000 calculated indicators (ie. from 80 000 to 100 000 Soms); 

- for other individuals - from 1 800 to 2 200 calculated indicators (ie. from 180 000 to 220 000 Soms); 

or imprisonment of II category with a fine of II category:  

- for minors - from one year six months to two years six months (with a fine from 40 000 to 60 000 Soms); 

- for other individuals - from two years to six months to five years (with a fine from 100 000 to 140 000 Soms). 


2. The same acts committed: 


1) grand larceny; 


2) by a group of persons by prior agreement, - shall be punished with imprisonment of the III category with a fine of the III category:  

- for minors - from two years six months to four years (with a fine from 60 000 to 80 000 Soms);  

- for other individuals - from five years to seven years six months (with a fine from 140 000 to 180 000 Soms). 


Note. Grand larceny in this article is the dignity of the subject of the crime, which is one thousand times higher than the calculated indicator established by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic at the time of the crime.