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Collection coins of the series "National musical instruments" 


The collection coins «Komuz» of the series «National musical instruments» were issued by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic to popularize the spiritual and cultural values ​​of the Kyrgyz people.  

The main theme of the obverse side of the silver coin is the image of the komuz. The central part of the coin shows the denomination of the coin (10 Som). The left side of the coin specifies the name of the coin «Комуз» («Komuz») and the alloy of metal (Ag 925°), on the right side - the name of the coin in Latin letters «Komuz» and the weight of the coin (28.28 g). On the reverse of the coin, there is the coat of arms of the Kyrgyz Republic in the upper part. In the center part - an illustration of the image of a komuzist, person playing on komuz, framed by a stylized form of a musical instrument. The lower part of the coin contains the year of the coin issue (2018), there is the vertical inscription «Улуттук музыкалык аспаптар» («National musical instruments») on the left side.  


The main theme of the obverse side of the copper-nickel coin "Komuz" is the image of a man who plays komuz. On the reverse side of the coin there are the national emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic, the images of the national musical instruments, an inscription "Улутук музыкалык аспаптар"» («National musical instruments») and the year of issue (2012).    


The specifications of the collection coins 







Issue limit (pieces)  



10 som 

Silver 925° 

28,28 g. 

38,61 mm 


1 000 

2 905 som 


5 Som   


14,35 g.   

33 mm   

"brilliant uncirculated"   

3 000   

Realization is completed   


The collection coins has the status of the legal tender in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. Each coin placed in acrylic capsule and each silver coin with a certificate packed into a separate box.