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Department of Management and Budget 


The main objectives of the Department of Management and Budget include: 


· development of the National Bank Strategy and long-term plans based on strategic documents, monitoring their performance; 

· budget management, financial control, exercise of the functions of a financial manager of the NBKR; 

· business process analysis and development of recommendations for their optimization, preparation of proposals for the improvement of the organizational structure; 

· development and implementation of personnel policies and a strategy of personnel management, labor market analysis and human resource capacity of the National Bank; 

· organization of effective personnel management for the successful implementation of the objectives and tasks of the NBKR; 

· development of corporate culture, organization of work on social development and support for the staff. 


In order to effectively implement the tasks assigned to the Department, the structure of the Department of Management and Budget included the following divisions:  

· Planning Division; 

· Budgeting Division; 

· Business Optimization Division; 

· Human Resource Development Division; 

· Personnel Division.