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Cash Management Department  


The primary objectives of the Cash Management Department are as follows:  


- Forecasting the needs of the Kyrgyz Republic in issue of banknotes and coins, arrangement of planning and issue to the extent required, as well as currency issue, including development of design, improvement of technical specifications and design of banknotes and coins;  

- Building up reserves of the national currency, provision of their accounting and safe-keeping;  

- Acceptance, accounting and safe-keeping of cash, precious metals and other values, control over values safe-keeping, including ad hoc records;  

- Arrangement of cash and other values transportation;  

- Arrangement of cash emission operations, including worn banknotes recycling (utilization) in accordance with the established procedure.  



In order to effectively fulfill all aforementioned objectives, the organizational structure of the Cash Management Department is represented by the following divisions:   


· Expertise Division;  

· Reserves Vault;  

· Cash Messenger Service; 

· Cash Operations Division; 

- Group for worn out banknotes recycling within the Cash Operations Division.