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Administration and Logistics Department  


The primary objectives of the Administration and Logistics Department are as follows:  


- Maintenance of the National Bank facilities and provision of safe condition thereof in accordance with the rules and norms of the industrial sanitation, rational use of economic assets; 

- Arrangement of the National Bank power facilities operations, provision of reliable, efficient and safe operation of administrative supplies and equipment; 

- Complex and timely satisfying the needs of structural subdivisions in quality materials, equipment and transport;  

- Arrangement of Tolkun recreation center operation, arrangement of preventive measures aimed at creating respective labor conditions and prevention of occupational diseases progression, traumatism;  

- Provision of efficient capital investments in the process of construction, installation, repair, design and survey operations at the facilities in accordance with the current construction norms and rules of the Kyrgyz Republic;  

- Provision of timely putting into operation the facilities of capital construction, reconstruction, capital and current repair, improvement of the construction, installation and repair works quality at the facilities of the National Bank.  


In order to effectively fulfill all objectives, the organizational structure of the Administration and Logistics Department is represented by the following divisions:   

o Construction and Repair Division;  

o Building Maintenance Division;  

o Power Engineering Service; 

o Procurement Division;  

- Health Unit within the Procurement Division;  

o Transportation Support Service;  

o Tolkun recreation center.