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Economic Department 


The primary tasks of the Economic Department are to:  


- Develop the monetary policy and assess its influence on the status of the banking system and other sectors of the economy; 


- Develop monetary policy tools and analyze their performance; 


- Monitor inflation, analyze factors of inflation and forecast the rate of inflation for various periods; 


- Analyze, research, and forecast processes in real, fiscal, and banking sectors of the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic;  


- Analyze the processes in financial markets of the republic, as well as analyze contingent trends in their development;  


- Prepare the “Annual Report of the National Bank”.  


In order to effectively fulfill the tasks assigned to the, the following divisions are part of the Economic Department:  


· Monetary Policy Division; 


· Macroeconomic Analysis & Financial Market Analysis Division; 


· Economic Research Center; 


· Macroeconomic Modeling Group.