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Financial Statistics and Review Department 


The Financial Statistics and Review Department is called to meet the following challenges of: 


- Keeping the statistics of monetary indicators, financial market, real sector and public finances; 


- Making up the balance of payments, an international investment position of the Kyrgyz Republic, and expertise support of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on external debt issues; 


- Improvement of a structure of a statistical database and a technology of collecting and processing statistical information; 


- Dissemination of financial statistical information in accordance with international standards; 


- Preparation of the following official publications: the “Bulletin of the National Bank” and the “Balance of Payments of the Kyrgyz Republic”. 


In compliance with the objectives, the organizational structure of the Financial Statistics and Review Department is represented by the following divisions: 


· Financial Statistics Division; 


· Balance of Payment & External Debt Division; 


· Statistical Base Technical Support Division; 


· Publications of the National Bank Issue Division .