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Payment Systems Department 


The primary tasks of the Payment Systems Department comprise the following: 


- Development of the retail payments market and availability of payment services by expanding an infrastructure of systems, using innovative technologies and applying the appropriate tariff policy; 


- Improvement of the gross settlement system and arrangement of effective interaction with the system of payments on securities and with other trading systems in the financial markets; 


- Maintenance and improvement of a regulatory legal and methodological framework of the payment system of the Kyrgyz Republic; 


- Organization and implementation of supervision over the payment system of the Kyrgyz Republic aimed to maintain relevant control and monitoring of the payment system functioning.  


According to its objectives, the organizational structure of the Payment Systems Department is represented by the following divisions: 


· Payment Systems Methodology and Policy Division, including Group on operators and payment organizations; 


· Payment Systems Oversight and Control Division;  


· Payment Systems Analysis and Development Division.