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On May 10, 1993 the national currency Kygyz som was put into circulation and became the legal tender in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. Simultaneous circulation of Kyrgyz soms and rubles was allowed only during 5 days within the period from May 10 till May 14, 1993.  

On May 14, 1993, Kyrgyz som became the only legal tender in the Kyrgyz Republic.  

Introduction of own currency was the starting point for independent economic policy of the country and the independent monetary policy of the National Bank. The correctness of this historic decision was acknowledged by time.  

The Kyrgyz som is among the most protected, stable, beautifully designed currencies, and it is well represented among other currencies. Banknotes of Kyrgyzstan are made according to the latest advances in special printing technology, being provided with a reliable three-level protection from counterfeit.  

The most important indicator of economic health in any country is the reliability, purchasing power and price stability of its national currency. Over the years, Kyrgyz som managed to prove its worth and maintain its stability despite periodic economic and political shocks in the country.