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Risk Committee 

The Risk Committee carries out activities to minimize the risks of the National Bank's activities by coordinating the work of structural units in identifying, assessing and limiting the risks inherent in the activities of the National Bank. 

The Risk Committee consists of a member of the Board of the National Bank, who is the Chairman of the Committee and six heads of structural subdivisions of the National Bank. The membership of the Risk Committee is approved by the order of the Chairman of the National Bank. 

In order to manage the risks inherent in the activities of the National Bank, the Risk Committee continued its work, which held 9 meetings in the reporting year. During the reporting period, the focus was on improving the methodology for risk management and developing practical system-wide recommendations on operational risk management in the National Bank. In this regard, the Committee approved regulatory documents on risk management, plans of actions of structural subdivisions to minimize risks, developed and gave protocol instructions to structural units to minimize and eliminate the risks inherent in their activities.