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Collection coins of the series "National sports and folk-games"  


The obverse of the coin “World Nomad Games” illustrates nomads participating in various games and competitions. The logotype of the World Nomad Games made using the pad printing technology is in the center of the coin. Along the circumference of the coin there is an inscription that reads “Дүйнөлүк көчмөндөр оюндары/ World Nomad Games”. The lower part shows the denomitation (10 soms), weight of the coin (31.10 g) and alloy of metal (Ag 925°). The reverse of the coin illustrates the coat of arms of the Kyrgyz Republic and a stylized image of yurta  the home of a nomad. The year of coin issue is at the lower part of the coin (2016).  


The main element of the obverse of the coin "Kyz-kuumai" is the image of the horseman chasing after a girl-companion. Outlines of mountains are one the background, alloy of metal and weight of the coin specified in the right part. In the upper part of the coin, there is an inscription “Kyz-kuumai”, and denomination of the coin is at the bottom of the coin.  The national emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic is on the reverse of the coin in the center. Stylized images of a girl and a guy, galloping on the horseback, surround the national emblem. Ornamental images of people watching this match depicted circle-wise on the coin. In the upper part of the coin there is an inscription “Улуттук спорт жана элдик оюндары” (“National sports and folk-games”) and at the bottom part - the year of issue (2015).     


Specifications of coins  








Issue limit  


World Nomad Games

10 Som  

Ag 925°  

31.10 g  

38.61x 38.61 mm  


1 000  

Realization is completed  

Kyz kuumai

10 Som  

Ag 925°  

28.28  g  

38.60 mm  


2 000  

2 000 som  

Kyz kuumai

5 Som  


14.35  g  

33.00 mm  

Proof like  

3 000  

Realization is completed  


The coins have the status of the legal tender in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. Each coin with a certificate placed in addition into a separate box.