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Collection coin "Genesis of the Kyrgyz statehood", devoted to the Year of the Kyrgyz statehood 

On May 8, 2003, the National Bank issued collection silver coin "Genesis of the Kyrgyz statehood", 10 Som denomination. The collection coin "Genesis of the Kyrgyz statehood" devoted to the Year of the Kyrgyz statehood and has the international "proof" quality. The coin is legal tender in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. 

On the obverse of the coin: different epochs of the Kyrgyz statehood formation and development covered all the historical stage of the Kyrgyz statehood genesis, being represented by archaeological finds and historic monuments of different periods from antiquity to present time, are depicted of the "Genesis of the Kyrgyz statehood" coin. The most antique archaeological find relating to the period of the Kyrgyz statehood formation is the detail of decoration depicting the tiger's head, which is known as away symbol. The Tiger Head Decoration was found near Barskaun village and is dated V-III centuries B.C. - the epoch of the Kyrgyz statehood formation. Image of Turgesh coin dated 8th century is related to the period of coinage outset on the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan. Burana Tower, the unique historical and architectural monument of 11th century is one of the extant reliquiae of the Great Silk Road. The State flag of the Kyrgyz Republic is the symbol of the modern Kyrgyz state. 

All the elements of the composition are integrated into the image of moving wheel, embodying the idea of time flow. The wheel is depicted as stylized image of tunduk - the main part of Kyrgyz jurta, national house made of felt (sheep wool). Tunduk symbolizes the Kyrgyzstan people's unity and succession of generations. The unique technology that was applied for the coins production allows use Au 999 for the decoration. Thus, tunduk and some other elements of the coin are made of gold. 

On the reverse side of the coin: there is the emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic, the circular inscription "2200 Year of the Kyrgyz statehood" and the year of issue of the coin (2003). 

Each coin is placed in a separate casket and the certificate and the booklet are attached to each coin with its brief description. 

Technical specification of coin: 



Year of issue 


Weight (grm) 

Diameter (mm) 

Issue limit (ps.) 



Genesis of Kyrgyz Statehood

10 som 


Silver 925/ Gold 999 





Realization is completed