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Collection coins of the series « The World Nomad Games» 

«Ulak Tartysh» is the first collection coin of «The World Nomad Games» series has been issued to revive and popularize the ethnic types of sports and is dedicated to the III World Nomad Games 2018. 

The obverse of the coin depicts a horse rider with an ulak in his hands. The dynamics of the game is reflected in the lines which gradually turn into the contours of the mountains. The upper part of the coin contains a colored logo of the World Nomad Games and the name of the coin «Ulak Tartysh» written in the runic style. The left part of the coin illustrates silhouettes of a horse rider and players involved into the game. The weight of the coin (31.10 g) and alloy of metal (Ag925°) are shown in the right part of the silver coin. The face value of the coin is given in its lower part. 

The central part of the reverse side of the coin illustrates the coat of arms of the Kyrgyz Republic. There is an inscription «Дүйнөлүк көчмөндөр оюндары /World Nomad Games» around the circumference of the coin. The year of coin issue (2018) is stated in the lower part of the coin. 

The design of «Ulak Tartysh» copper-nickel coin with face value 1 Som is the same as a design of the silver coin with face value 10 Som. 


Specifications of the coin  



Metal (alloy) 

Diameter/size (mm) 

Weight (g) 


Issue limit (pcs) 

Price (som) 

Ulak tartysh 

10 Som 

Ag 925 




1 000 

2 900 

Ulak tartysh

1 Som 





5 000 


Each silver coin with a certificate placed in acrylic capsule and packed into a separate box. Each copper-nickel coin placed in acrylic capsule and put into a separate blister pack. 

The collection coins are the legal tender in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.