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Collection coins of the series «Kyrgyz Customs and Ceremonies»  

The main plot of the obverse of the coin “Beshikke Saluu” is a stylized image of a woman holding a newborn baby and a cradle made by local gilding. An inscription “Beshikke Saluu” and the coin denomination (10 Som) is in the right part of the coin. The lower part of the coin displays the metal alloy (Ag 925) and weight (28.28 g).  

The main plot of the reverse of the coin is the stylized images of a woman holding a baby in a yurt and tumar - a traditional Kyrgyz amulet. The coat of arms of the Kyrgyz Republic is depicted in the center of the coin. The coin circumference is provided with an inscription: “Кыргыз үрп-адаттары жана ырым-жырымдары” (Kyrgyz customs and ceremonies). The year of coin issue (2023) is depicted in the lower part of the coin. 


Specifications of the coin  






Size  (mm) 

Weight (g) 


Issue limit (pcs) 



Beshikke saluu

10 Som 

Ag 925 




1 000 

6 030 


Silver coin with a certificate placed in acrylic capsule and packed into a separate box.    

All collection coins are the legal tender in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.